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Roy Carson an inquisitive journalist


Petroleumworld regrets with sadness the news that our friend and colleague Roy Carson editor of die on february 11, victim of a heart attack due to complications from a kidney hilliness. We first meet Roy in the late 80's when he covered Caracas society for the Caracas Daily Journal, and later in the late 90's, we found ourselves covering Venezuela's news in both of our internet web sites. Petroleumworld had a close collaboration with Roy and often we consult each other in various subjects, he was a very persistent journalist and plunge to cover in deep any subject of its interest. PW columnist Oliver Campbell wrote the following lines about Roy.

Roy Carson, the editor of VHeadline, died on 11 February. He had been unwell for some time and on dialysis treatment since last year. Roy was a strong supporter of the Chavez regime and many of your readers will have strongly disagreed with the views expressed in VHeadline by correspondents who praised and defended the regime's policies and actions. . However, Roy did not blindly accept all the regime did and he had lately spoken out against the wide corruption he saw taking place.

Roy was well connected and knew personally several of the important players in the Venezuelan hierarchy. He accepted letters and articles for publication from all and sundry irrespective of their political leaning though, it is a fact, most were from Chavez supporters. Roy published several of my articles on oil in VHeadline and also copied some I had written for Petroleumworld. He was always very meticulous in acknowledging the source of anything that was not originally published in VHeadline.

VHeadline had an extensive readership with readers as far away as Australia. It folded in June last year for lack of financial resources--this had always been a problem. Roy could find no permanent backers nor sufficient income from advertisements to keep the paper going. His failing health may also have been a factor.

There is no doubt Roy loved Venezuela. He lived there many years and got married there. His passing deserves a mention in your web site--you knew Roy before I did and I am sure you will agree with me. May he rest in peace.

Petroleumworld News 02/27/07

Copyright© 2007 Petroleumworld. All rights reserved.

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