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HBO's Vice News: Venezuelan Refugees Are Overwhelming The Island Nation Of Trinidad And Tobago -video


Uta Thofern / DW: Mexico is a country to despair over


Jude Webber/FT: Mexico’s purge on technocrats fuels fears of expertise shortfall


Evan Ellis/ Global Americas: Oil Bonanza & Ethnic Politics put Guyana at Risk



Dylan Baddour:Colombia's Radical Plan to Welcome Millions of Venezuelan



iMichael Hirsh: Inside the Strange Bubble World of Davos




Sandra Weiss:The mafia fights back


Ricardo Haussman:China's Malign Secrecy


Venezuelanalisys: Privatizing Oil in Venezuela? A Conversation with Victor Hugo Majano







Michael Knigge / DW: Trump will be impeached, expert says




John Barrasso / NYTimes: Cut Carbon Through Innovation, Not Regulation




Julian Lee / Bloomberg: Under New Management
— Russia Now Runs OPEC




Adam Gopnik / The New Yorker: The Yellow Vests and Why There Are So Many Street Protests in France



Andrés Velasco / Proyect-Syndicate: Populism Is Rooted in Politics, not Economics



Kori Schake The Atlantic: Managing American Decline




Ludmila Vinogradoff / ABC.es: El modelo feudal de Maduro



Carolyn Kormann / The New Yorker: The Battle for Solar Energy in the Country's Sunniest State



Paul Elie / The Atlantic: What Óscar Romero's canonization says about Pope Francis


Ioan Grillo / NYTimes: ‘It's an Exodus'


Javier Solana / Project-Syndicate: The Powerlessness of the most powerful


Dan Kopf / Quartz : A radical Nigerian economic development experiment


Daniel Finkelstein / The Times : Second referendum and the Brexit deadlock


Raphael Tsavkko Garcia / FP: Brazil's closed -door policy



Simon Flowers/ Wood Mackenzie: Guyana - a new planet in oil's solar system



Patrick Gillespie / Bloomberg: How a chauffeur could bring down Argentina's political elite



Mark Paul / Project-Syndicate: No Robo-Apocalypse



Adam Davidson / The New Yorker: A theory of Trump kompromat



Patrick Gillespie / Bloomberg: How a chauffeur could bring down Argentina's political elite


Mark Paul / Project-Syndicate: No Robo-Apocalypse



Adam Davidson / The New Yorker: A theory of Trump kompromat



Gwladys Fouche and Alister Doyle / Reuters As Arctic warms, reindeer herders tangle with new industries



Emely-Atkin/ The New Republic: Can Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Save the Planet?



Joseph E Stiglitz/Project-Syndicate: American Democracy on the brink



Annaliese Griffin /Quartzy : In Trump's America,
it's a privilege to now where you children are


Stanley Reed/NYT: Saudi Arabia: Will the golden spigot run dry?


Martin Koehring/The Economist : The emergence of "ocean risk" and how to tackle it


Richard N. Hass: A North Korean opportunity for America and China


Christ Kraul: Colombia's presidential election could signal end of peace pact with former FARC rebels, analysts say


Omar G. Encarnacion: Mauricio Macri was supposed to be different


Joseph E. Stiglitz: How Costa Rica gets it right


Martin Guzman: Argentina's unseen fragility


Mir-Yusif Mir-Babayev: Petroleum History: The first Baku oil magazine


Nicholas Cunningham: Fueling elections in Mexico and Brazil


Alfonso Serrano: China fills Trump's empty seat at Latin America Summit



Moises Rendon : When investment hurts:Chinese influence in Venezuela



Marc Margolis: Latin America's fight against corruption isn't free



Luis A. Pacheco: Venezuela and the pitfalls of resource wealth


Agnia Grigas: Commentary: How to derail Russia's energy war


Margaret Brennan: Rex Tillerson secretary of state in 60 minutes-interview


AFP: 'Emperor Xi'? China gambles on return to lifetime rule


Henrique Krauze: Hell of a fiesta



Nacha Cattan: Why Mexico might elect its own populist to face Trump



Richard G. Miles : Is Mexico ready for a populist president?




G.H.K. Lall: That missing US-Venezuela factor in Guyana's oil dreams



Agnia Grigas: Russian gas, sanctions and energy politics: A tale of a tanker



Ricardo Chica Avella: Peligrosa espiral en histeria colectiva electoral



Digg: What to read about Trump's first year in office



Maximo Anderson: In Colombia, marxist rebels hold the oilindustry hostage



Rex Tillerson: I am proud of our diplomacy



Morton A. Klein and Daniel Mandel : Trump is right:Terrorism and Iran are the region's major problem



Mary Anastasia O'Grady: In Chile Piñera coasts to victory on a pledge of market reform


Gaspar Franco & Yolanda Villegas: Mexico's exploration & production regulations





Seeking Alpha Interviews: Bitcoin: What the heck is going on?


Jeff McMahon: Battery storage "the long-term viable energy technology"



Anthony T. Bryan, PhD : Guyana, boom or bust?



Cristal Montañéz: A Failed Criminal Narco State




The Cypher Brief/CBS News: Pedro Burelli On What's Behind The Crisis in Venezuela: Intelligence Matters



Jon Lee Anderson: Catalonia declares independence,
and Spain moves to stop it


Joschka Fischer: Understanding the secessionist surge



Edoardo Campanella: Understanding the Secessionist Surge




Dexter Filkins: "The Breaking Point"



Ana Palacios: Preserving Spain



Hello Tomorrow: How deep tech startups around the world
are transforming the energy sector



Kevin Ramnarine: TT economic drought - 2018 and beyond



Anthony Boadle: Brazil's Lula on the rise, but comeback likely out of reach



Luis Fleischman: The situation in Venezuela is getting worse and worse




Anthony T. Bryan: " Shaping the future of Caribbean Energy"




Pan Am Post: The case for U.S. oil sanctions against Venezuela



Sahara Reporters: Nigeria´s Diezani Alison Madueke corruption saga



Nikil Saval: Globalisation: the rise and fall of an idea that swept the world




Thomas O'Donnell: Neue Neue Ostpolitik



Miriam Grunstein: The implications of Mexico’s hefty gasoline price hikes



David Luhnow and José de Córdoba: 'Venezuela's sinister turn.



Michael Smith, Sabrina Valle, and Blake Schmidt :No one has ever made a corruption machine like this one



Duke Energy NIC : The facts about used nuclear fuel



LuisAlmagro / Thomas Shannon: Views on Venezuela



John Hall: OPEC keeps the deal alive and shale's dreams too!



The Washington Times: The deadly peril in Venezuelal


Maureen Dowd: Trump:hazardous to our health


Editorial from The New York Times: 100 Days of Noise From Donald Trump


Kevin Ramnarine: TT Prime Minister's parliamentary statement on natural gas supply is historical revisionism


Kevin Ramnarine : Why TT lost Angelin



Russ Dallen: Venezuela's tragic meltdown


Adam Davidson: Did the U.S. just pull out of a global anti-corruption group?



Javier E. David and Dawn Kissi: Oil is flat, and these five crude-dependent countries need a break to the upside

Nicholas Borroz and Brendan Meighan:Saudi Arabia's failed oil war

Elio Ohep: The end of the U.S. nuclear plants
contruction business.
Toshiba's $6.3bn nuclear meltdown


Nafeez Ahmed: Brace for the oil,
food and financial crash of 2018


Colin Kahl and Hal Brands: Trump's grand strategic train wreck


Terry Glavin: The American epoch is over. It ended on Obama's watch




Dr. Kent Moors: How Trump's Exxon pick is changing global oil markets


Mathew Bey: An oilman's guide to foreign affairs


Adán Echeverría- García:Are Mexico's new nature reserves a real conservation effort or emptypolitical gesture?


(some articles may not be available on line, please write to us)


Lally Weymouth : Peruvian president
to Trump:‘You are lucky to have Latin America'



Institute of The Americas |Report: Mexico's big moment: the deepwater oil auction


Dann Rather : Clinton vs trump sec debate



PW: The Northern Miner editorial: Colombians rejectpeace deal


Kevin Ramnarine: Fuel subsidies in Trinidad and Tobago


Kevin Ramnarine: Dealingwith the natural gas supply
problem in Trinidad and Tobago


Francisco Monaldi: LatinAmerica/The potential for a
bright future of the oil industry


Platts: Colombian peace won't cure oil industry's problems


Leon Aron: Even Vladimir Putin cannot kill the russian revolution


TOGY:Sea change:Interview with Kevin

Suzanne Nossel: The world'srising powers have fallen


Julian Lee: If Iran opens its oilsector,is Saudi Arabia next?


Carlos Bellorin: PDVSAEl Furrial: The spectacular decline of a Venezuela
giant oil field


Julian Lee: Goldman's hopeful oil call


Kevin Ramnarine: Guyana's time has come


Nato Lima de Oliveira:The fate of Brazil's Petrobras

Ben Casselman : OK, so now what?


Robin Wright: Former Ambassador Robert Fordon the State Department mutiny on Syria


John Quigley and Andrew Willis: Could Peru's new president get comunities to agree with mining ?


David Fickling: How America saved OPEC

NYT: Dilma Rousseff and Brazil's political
scandal:Reporters answer your questions

Julio Blanck: Sólo hay malas noticias para Cristina


C.Cervera M.: «Francisco Pizarro no era un genocida; eso lo fueron los ingleses»

Antonio López Ortega: Venezuela: La clase muerta


Marc Gericó: Mossack Fonseca, ¿crónica de una muerte anunciada?

Mario Vargas Llosa:La hora gris


Pedro C. Ortega Osuna:Posibilidad de mejoramiento
de craqueo térmico

Andrés Oppenheimer:
La soledad de Dilma Rousseff


Simon Romero: Brazil's Temer a conservative


Liam Denning: Halliburton isn't petrified

Kevin Ramnarine:Petrotrin alive and kicking


Kevin Ramnarine: Ending the recession in 2018 (T&T)


Thee Dialogue:The Tumultuous Road to Rio 2016: Countdown Amid Crisis

Paul Ford:What should we do about big data leaks?

Rory Cellan-Jones: Are electric cars ready to go on mainstream?

Remarks by U.S. President Barack Obama to the peopleof Cuba


Julian Lee:OPEC's futile freeze

John Kemp : Where has the oil gone? Missing barrels and market rebalancing

Julian Lee : Why is Saudi Arabia even prepared to discuss supply restraint?

Kevin Ramnarine: The last platform at T&T

Thomas W.O'Donnell: Russia is beating China to Venezuela's oil fields


Fareed Zakaria:From Iranto Nigeria, cheap oil means perilous politics


Russel Berman: Obama's$10 oil-tax pipe dream


John Kemp:How Saudi Arabia successfully defended its U.S. oil market share


John Kemp:How Saudi Arabia successfullydefended its U.S. oil market share

Leonid Bershidsky: Repression or reform, Putin must decide

Shlomo Ben-Ami: Exit Latin America's left

Graeme Wood: What ISIS really wants

Robin B. Wright: Cuba and Iran, melancholy twins

Travis Hoium: 4 oil trends to be on the lookout for in 2016

Institute of The Americas: Analysis: Latin America’s 2016 Energy Outlook

Christopher Sabatini: The sad death of the Latin American left

Andres Oppenheimer: Beware of post-election coup in Venezuela




The Stabroek:Latin America: The pendulum swings

John Kemp: Should we worry as oil stocks hit 3 billion barrels?

Paul Hodges: Oil price forecasts based on myths, not proper analysis

Jonathan Blitzer: Argentina's Kirchner era ends

Paul Barrett: No nukes is bad nukes

William Neuman and Patricia Torres: Few in Venezuela want bolívars, but no one can spare a dime

Leonid Bershidsky: Saudi Arabia's oil war with Russia

Elisabeth Malkin: Mapping as Mexico opens for exploration

Maher Chmaytelli: OPEC's family feud


Pope Francis' speech to United Nation - video

Bill Mckibben: What Exxon knew about climate change

The Francisco Monaldi: The impact of the decline in oil prices on the economics, politics and oil industry of Venezuela

Francisco Goldman: From president to prison: Otto Pérez Molina and a day for hope in Guatemala

VenEconomy: Colombia border conflict backfiring on Venezuela's Maduro?

Mac Margolis : Brazil's scandal takes another toxic turn

Andre Bagoo: TT's Phoenix Park on the rise?


International Crisis Group: Venezuela: Unnatural Disaster

"Perdido" the largest oil rig in the world


Kejal Vyas: PDVSA's biggest oil refinery confronts serious challenges

Pedro M. Burelli: U.S. - Venezuela relations

Latin America Energy Advisor: Does Pemex’s recent gulf oil discovery herald a new era?

Mary Anastasia O'Grady : Dancing with another dictatorship


IOA: Mexico’s round one XXIV La Jolla conference report

Nick Cunningham: Why the oil rally may well be over

Gaurav Sharma: Discussing OPEC's Iranian Oil Conundrum

Lisa Viscidi and Ramón Espinasa: Report on Latin American crude oil exports and the battle for market share ?

James Saft: Petrobras' remarkable 100-year bond

Matt Ferchen: Chinese diplomacy in Latin America and Africa: not two sides of the same coin

Gustavo Coronel : Terrorizing the press: a Chavez mini me in Ecuador

Russell A. Mittermeier: New conservation corridor latest environmental triumph for Suriname

Joshua Partlow: Mexico wanted James Bond, but only if the country looked as good as he does

International Crisis Group: Colombia: A Dangerous Setback

Steve Benen : Why Obama went to Jamaica

David Renwick: The "New Energy Economy" - Trinidad & Tobago

Jorge G. Castañeda: Are Obama sanctions on Venezuela really about Cuba?

Russ Dallen: Testimony: US Senate FRC on Venezuela, March 17, 2015


Ekaterina Blinova: U.S. losing a cutthroat global competition

Kate Brown:Boris Nemtsov died alone

David Smilde and Michael McCarthy : Chavismo under pressure: Economic crisis and political challenges in Venezuela - See video

Anthony Bryan : TT - Venezuela analysed - See video

Trinidad & Tobago: Energy Minister Kevin Ramnarine Year in Review 2014 -See video

John Kemp: Oil price war inflicts collateral damage in Latin America

Kenneth Rapoza: How new Petrobras CEO stacks up against his global peers

Paul Mason: ‘Hope begins today': the inside story of Syriza's rise to power

Colin Chilcoat: China in pursue of Latin American oil


Bilal Y. Saab : Saudi Arabia's way forward

Morgan Stanley Research: Energy Outlook January 2015

Maria Bartiromo: $100 -a-barrel oil 'never' again - Saudi prince

Sputnik: What impact will future Saudi succession have on oil prices?

William Pesek : Cheap oil is rich opportunity for Asia

Jeffrey Goldberg: How to tell whether Obama did the right thing on Cuba

Jeremy M. Martin & Alexis Arthur: Latam 2014: Top energy stories

Geoffrey Smith: The ruble's collapse is disastrous for Putin - and bad for you too

Anatole Kaletsky: Why oil companies shouldbe a lot more profitable than they are




The Washington Post: Venezuela's downward economic spiral

Fatih Birol: World's energy outlook An interview by Michelle Patron, Senior Director for Energy and Climate Change, National Security Council at CFR

Steven Bodzin: EFE played in Arevenca oil continuous scam

Daniel Bases:counting pennies in Venezuela

Anthony T. Bryan : Are the Americas emerging as the new center of global energy?

Gregory Meyer and Ed Crooks: BHP to export US oil without permit

Matthew DiLallo: Hold your lower oil prices celebrations

Thomas Petrie and Christopher Grisanti : Can oil producers handle a $70 per barrel price?

John Nagl : Get ready for Iraq war IV

Sara Schaffer and Ezequiel Minaya: Venezuela vulnerable to oil's fall

Joe Nocera: Putin shows his hand

Institute of the Americas: The other side of the river: Colombia: energy, enviroment and communities


Javier Solana: Grave new world

Paul M. Barret: The fall of the house of Boggs

Bruce R. Magid : Business Schools: You can't afford to ignore Latin America anymore

Andrew J. Bacevich: Obama is picking his targets in Iraq and Syria while missing the point

Jeff Fick : Brazil: subsalt oil development begins to make progress


Raul Gallegos : Beware the rising cost of Venezuela's oil barrel

The Institute of The Americas : Chile: Energy policy: In search of a rainmaker

Claire Martin : Shaping a school system in Peru, from the ground up

Ramon Espinasa : The rise and fall of PDVSA


William Dalrymple: India: the Empire strikes back

Pedro van Meurs : Comments on the proposed hydrocarbon revenue law of Mexico

Mack McLarty: It's time to consider new options in Venezuela

John Holman: Will Venezuela become a no-fly country?


Mary Anastasia O'Grady: Venezuela's 'dialog' is a fraud

Brian Ellsworth: Special Report: Billions unaccounted for in Venezuela's communal giveaway program

Philip Sherwell : Venezuela in chaos : A general on the run

Jacques Leslie: Is Canada tarring itself?


Allister Heath : Venezuela’s mad socialist experiment is destroying a nation

Raul Gallegos : Oceanografia: Dirty oil company clogs Mexican energy reform

David Paulin: Latin leftists and Hollywood elites honor a tyrant
amid bloody protests

The Atlantic : The tragedy of Venezuela in 40 photos

Raul Gallegos : Let's watch Venezuela destroy itself



VenEconomy: The breaking point in today’s venezuelan ‘democracy’

Gustavo Coronel : Ecuador vs Chevron: Donziger: from Hans Solo to Darth Vader

John Lyons and Jeff Fick : Auction of multibillion barrel field puts Brasília on exporter path

The Economist : Oil in Ecuador: Correa gets away with a U-turn

Julie Bowen : A case for improved oil extraction using open hole acid stimulation

Oliver L Campbell: Caso ConocoPhillips versus República Bolivariana de Venezuela

Alek Boyd : JP Morgan’s Venezuelan cronyism

OilPrice.com : The six key oil & gas discoveries of 2013

Gustavo Coronel : Creative government ways to defraud the Venezuelan people


Anthony T. Bryan: US shale gas exports: Idle threat to T&T’s LNG markets in the

Gustavo Coronel : John Myles Bowen, 1928-2013



Gary Regenstreif: Chávez’s death leaves Venezuelans with hard choices

: President Hugo Chavez dies at 58; hero to Venezuela's poor

Gustavo Coronel : Venezuela: 14 years under Chavez's gang

Mary Anastasia O’Grady : Venezuela : How to break the tyranny of oil wealth

Roger F. Noriega : Kerry's job - A narco-terrorist state must be brought to justice

Philip Sherwell: Death of Hugo Chavez could set off shock waves across region

Tom O'Donnell : Venezuelan Succession Crisis?

John Kingston : US as oil production king needs an asterisk

Scott Sullivan: Joe Biden U.S. president ?



Michael Levi : What OPEC thinks about the U.S. oil boom

Raul Gallegos : Saber-rattling over oil in the Falkland

Wesley Pruden : When mere rhetoric was for sissies

Oliver L Campbell: ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell and BP results Jan-Sept 2012

David A. Patten and Jim Meyers Ohio Voting Count 'Nightmare' Looms


Oliver Campbell: Beyond the elections

David Frum : Chavez clown prince of a decaying society

Raul Gallegos :Venezuela = Chavezuela

The Economist : Venezuela: Chavez is here to stay

Patrick Bèle : Venezuela: Chavez re-elected for the third time

Gustavo Coronel : Big problems for Venezuela regardless of the elections outcome

Matthew Hulbert : Chavez's secret Venezuela election weapon: oil

Robert Campbell : U.S. coastal  refiners' Bakken lifeline eroding

Raul Gallegos: Chavez's cash pump

PDVSA runs on empty

Raul Gallegos : Refinery explosion emblematic of Hugo Chavez curse


Raul Gallegos : Socialist explosion

Andrés Cala :  Latin America  bonding around oil

Raul Gallegos : Murdoch banks on U.S. Latinos going all-American

Raul Gallegos :Brazil's Chevron ban straddles worst of two worlds

Raul Gallegos :  Ousted Vale CEO  returns unshackled  by the state

Oliver L Campbell : PDVSA is nowhere near being bankrupt


Ted R. Bromund: On the U.N. Conference on the Arms Trade  Treat


Enrique Krauze: Mexico's new leaders must preserve its  democratic gains

Peter R Orszag: Natural-gas cars  can  drive us toward a better economy

Dale McFeatters :    Ailing Chavez tries for one more time

Michael Kelley : How ExxonMobil  took $300 million from Hugo Chavez



Raul Gallegos :Oil  majors can  only admire  Colombia's titan

Bloomberg: Chavez exit won’t mean  Venezuela’s problems out the door

Ivan Petrella :  Thirty Years Later:  The Importance of the Malvinas

NYT : New rules for new power plants


Peter Ferrara Obama's jokes are on us

Kelly Hearn/WT : Venezuelan oil a risky investment for China

Miguel Octavio : Why does Investors bet on Chavez: Big money in Venezuelan bonds?

NYT : New rules for new power plants

Peter Ferrara :  Obama's jokes are on us

Kelly Hearn/WT : Venezuelan oil a risky investment for China

Miguel Octavio : Why does Investors bet on Chavez: Big money in Venezuelan bonds?


The Schork Report :Why does Washingtonblame speculators for high oil prices, but fails to credit speculators for low natural gas prices?

Elisabeth Eljuri :How will EU oil sanctions on Iranimpact Asia?

PW : Chevron 1/ Ecuador 0

Richard Luger : Iran-Venezuela axis growing risk

Caracas Gringo Blog :Dime con quien andas

Felix Salmon :Why Ecuador isn't drilling in Yasuni



William Yeatman:Canada's XL pipeline:Storm in a barrel?

George Friedman :Iran, the U.S.and the Strait of Hormuz Crisis

Jeremy Martin:Latin America 2012: Energy Outlook

John Kemp : Iran oil sanctions arean unpredictable gamble



Patrick Radden Keefe : Why Chevron will settle in Ecuador

Francisco Monaldi: Venezuela's petroleum perspectives

Absurd and senseless decision from PDVSA, freezing LNG export projects

Peter Tase / COHA:The Fifth People's Republic of China – Latin America Summit

Peggy Noonan : A caveman won't beat a salesman

Bill Gates : How development pays off




Olga Imbaquingo and Lauren Paverman : Ecuador: Rafael Correa influence is waning

Morton A. Kleinand Daniel Mandel : The GiladShalit dealis it good for Israel?

Rowena Mason: Why is the oil price still so high?


Mikhail Gorbachev : A farewell to nuclear arms

Oliver L Campbell : Cash a scarce resource to be used efficiently

Oliver L Campbell : PDVSA'S financial results January/June 2011


Ali Vaez and Charles D. Ferguson : An iranian offer worth considering

Enrique Krauze : Vote gives Mexico chance not to change

Pedro M. Burelli : Exposing Bolivarian Criminal Inc. four guys at a time

Asit K. Biswas: Lessons from Norway

PW : Trinidad & Tobago Independence Day

Nader Mousavizadeh : A smaller America could be a stronger America

Oliver L Campbell : Venezuela and its OPEC quota



VenEconomy: PDVSA: Liar, liar, pants on fire

Oliver L Campbell : Arbitration proceedings still ongoing

Leslie Moore Mira : The painfull fall of PDVSA, but how it helped a neighbor

Jackson Diehl : Will turmoil drag Libya's rebels under?

John C.K. Daly : Brazil's Petrobras goes for the gold

Oliver L Campbell :Are PDVSA and the external auditors at odds?

Oliver L Campbell : Investment in the Abreu y Lima refinery is a mistake

Tom O'Donnell : Our modern “Fire Water” addiction: From Native American salesmen

Ferdinand E. Banks : The oil price closely observed



Ernesto J. Tovar / El Universal:Interview/ Ali Moshiri, Chevron CEO for Africa and Latin America

Brian E. Muhammad : Gold, oil, Africa and why the West wants Gadhafi dead

Gil Weinreich : Cuban oil find, reverberates

VenEconomy : Borrowing , borrowing ....

A. Cala and M. Economides : Toothless US sanctions on Chavez bad idea

VenEconomy : fantasies and very few truths

VenEconomy : The last door closes

VenEconomy : It will end up isolated and in ruins


VenEconomy : It will end up isolated and in ruins

VenEconomy : Where's the money?

Economist : Hugo Chávez grooms a militia

Samuel Ciszuk / IHS : Libyan rebels eye first export cargo while Eni initiates contacts with opposition

The Week : Are the Fukushima 50 doomed to death?

Reuters special report on Japan nuclear catastrophe

Washington Post: Drill, Brazil, drill, says the U.S.

Thomas L. Friedman : Tribes with flags

Ralph Nader : Nuclear Nightmare



The Week : Are the Fukushima 50 doomed to death?

Reuters special report on Japan nuclear catastrophe

Washington Post: Drill, Brazil, drill, says the U.S.

Thomas L. Friedman : Tribes with flags

Ralph Nader : Nuclear Nightmare


Tom Grieder /IHS : Japan's Fukushima dangerous radioactive releases

Nariman Behravesh /IHS : Global economic impact of the japanese disaster

Jackson Diehl : Will Gaddafi reverse the tide of the Arab Spring?

Samuel Ciszuk's IHS : IOCs, traders halt libyan dealings on sanctions and security concerns

Washington Times : Obama's energy transformation

Jeremy Martin : Timing enhances appeal of new Pemex projects

Andres Cala : There goes libyan oil

The Economist: Venezuela's oil leak

Robert Fisk : Tripoli: a city in the shadow of death

Jonah Hull : The power of one

Girish Gupta : Venezuela has the world'slargest proven crude oil reserves, and ?

Mark Diaz /IHS : Drilling risk in deep-water Mexico's gulf

Bryce McNitt : Will Chavez share Mubarak's fate?

Barclays Capital: Venezuelan oil exports: Myths, doubts and realities

Winds of change in Egypt

Nicky Pear & Alexandra Reed/ COHA: Long-standing dispute between
Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Amazon Defense Coalition : Plaintiff's final arguments in Ecuador court show Michael Winship : Court and Chevron's “crude” attacks continue

John Kemp : Oil at $100 could tip world into slowdown

VeneEconomy : Set on the path to silence

Jamaica Observer : Only the best is good enough for Caracas

Chris Mondics : Legal maneuvers in Ecuador Chevron saga costly to plaintiffs


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